Air Cadet League of Canada

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Squadron Staff

Here is the team of adult leaders responsible for our cadets. The officers are members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) consisting of specially trained part-time members of the Canadian Forces. CIC officers are responsible for cadet training, supervision and administration. They are highly committed and experienced individuals driven by a strong desire to see cadets grow into responsible adults and they provide credible role models for youth looking for a sense of direction and belonging. The Civilian Instructors (CI) complement the knowledge and skill set of the CIC as many are highly specialized in particular areas of cadet training such as flying training, music or biathlon.

Captain Garret Watts
Commanding Officer
Captain Deanna Kendall
Administration Officer
Captain Alan McDonald
Training Officer
Miss Laura McDonald
Training Staff
Mr. Eric Fernandes
Training Staff
Mr. Chris Paul
Training Staff
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