Air Cadet League of Canada

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About the Sponsoring Committee

The 704 Squadron Sponsoring Committee is comprised of the two Air Force Association of Canada Wings who co-sponsor the Squadron (413 Wing Trenton and 418 Wing Belleville). 

The Chairman, Neil Elliott (413 Wing), is responsible in part with the Commanding Officer for the recruiting of civilian volunteers and staff along with completing the necessary screening/application process as required by the Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) of the Air Cadet League of Canada.  The chairman is also responsible for fundraising and most recently, the implementation of a Squadron Parents' Committee to assist in this endeavour.

The Treasurer, Hugh Mackay (413 Wing), is responsible to prepare a financial budget for the year and pays the bills/invoices and issues cheques on behalf of the Squadron.  He is the only person responsible for maintaining the separate bank account for the Squadron finances.

Although both 413 and 418 Wings contribute financially to the operation of the Squadron, additional funding is always required to enable the cadets to participate in various regional events along with other squadrons and have monies to travel on community activities within the Ontario area.